There are two types of JPJ-issued fines; compoundable fines and non-compoundable fines.

  1. Compoundable fines can be paid within a specific time duration that is stated in the summons.
  2. Non-compoundable fines must be paid at a Court that is specified in the summons.

Where to pay your fines

JPJ-issued fines can be paid at:

  1. Any state JPJ offices, branches or lower offices
  2. Through e-Services

How to pay your fines

The registered owner and the claimant must both be present at the JPJ office where the impounded vehicle is stored to reclaim the vehicle, along with:

  1. Fines can be paid by producing a copy of JPJ (P) 22 fine and the stated amount of money.
  2. For fines that come with a PG1 Notice, a PG2 Report must be enclosed along with the JPJ (P) 22 fine and the payment.
  3. The payment can be made in cash.
  4. Payments can also be made using postal order/bank draft after the amount of the fine is known.
  5. Payments can also be made using e-Services.

No appeal for compound reduction can be made. The compound rate for each case is fixed within the JPJ system.

Compoundable fines that do not come with a PG1 notice can be paid through these websites:


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