1. Please note that the locations provided in the list are primarily suggested locations for the installations of AES cameras.
  2. Confirmation of the locations where the cameras will be installed is subject to site inspections to verify the suggested locations before being approved by the JPJ.
  3. The inspection and verification of the locations will be carried out by an AES team, led by the JPJ.
  4. To avoid confusion among the public, the RTD has already provided the coordinates for the locations. However, these coordinates will be updated after final inspection and verification have been done, prior to the installation of the cameras.
  5. The RTD also notes that at the current time, only 14 locations have been enforced with AES as marked in yellow in the list. As such, any claims that there are cameras installed in other locations are incorrect. The RTD will inform the public of the list of installed locations before any enforcement at these locations are carried out.


List of Locations For AES Camera Installation

The AES implementation will be carried out in stages. In the first stage, AES cameras have been installed in 14 locations that have been identified as accident-prone areas in Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Below is the list of locations for the AES camera installations..


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