Response to Letter to the Editor in The Star dated December 1, 2011


Dear Sir,

I would like to refer to the letter to editor regarding the matters of "Do not use fancy number plates" (The Star, Nov 18) and "Do not allow fancy number plates" (The Star, Dec 01).

According to the Rule 6 under the Motor Vehicle Rules (Registration and Licensing) 1959, "The registration number assigned to a motor vehicle in the rules at all times, displayed in front of and behind the vehicle in a vertical position on a square plate or at the beginning square, does not break form part of vehicle and shall comply with words and numbers and contrary to the provisions that must be followed in any registration number plate may be constructed of iron and steel in the form of stress, plastic or other materials suitable to be appointed by the Director General and a letter and numbers in ascending or arising". Information on Plates Vehicle Specification No. can be search at RTD website:

RTD is conducting enforcement operations and diversify its focus and goals in organizing the enforcement planning across the country including the enforcement on the registration number. According to the Enforcement Division statistics, in year 2011 (January – September) about 9,997 amount of summons was issued for the offense of registration numbers.

Apart from the normal enforcement operations carried out, RTD are also taking action on the public complaints to the RTD. Hence, RTD are welcomes the public to submit further details and complete information about their complaints and enclosed together with the details such as registration number, date, time and location of the incident, for RTD to take further action. Complaints can be made via email: or call our Control Room, Enforcement Division, RTD Malaysia, Putrajaya at number 03-88866412.

Thank you.Regards,

Noraini Mohd Nawi
Public Relations Officer
Road Transport Department