Modifications on Private Vehicles

Section (12) of the 1987 Road Transport Act states that modifications made to any vehicles before or after its registration must be made legally.


1.         The Director-General or any Directors can, before any vehicle is registered request that the vehicle be taken to any locations that he/she sees fit, to be put through an inspection, and if necessary, weighed and measured, and the same goes when the vehicle has been registered, for reasons given below:

              a)   the vehicle is suspected of not adhering to the specifications of the Act;
              b)   the information concerning the vehicle provided to him is false, dishonest and misleading;
              c)   the vehicle is in an non-roadworthy state; or
           d)   the vehicle's weight, dimension, specifications, construction, colour, identification, or number of seats have been changed after its registration

2.   The registered owner of the vehicle must immediately inform the Director by writing him/her about any incidents/situations concerning the accuracy of the vehicle's registration, and the same time hand it over.

3.     The owner of the vehicle must, when requested by the Director to do so:-

              a)   immediately submit to the Director all information concerning the vehicle's registration for the purpose of validation; and
              b)   immediately produce or submit to the Director the vehicle's registration certificate

4.   After the vehicle is inspected, weighed or measured under subsection (1), or upon receiving the details concerning the vehicle under subsection (2) or (3), the Director has the right to amend any part of the registration and the registration certificate of the vehicle as he/she sees fit, and the Director is legally required to return the registration certificate to the vehicle's registered owner.

5.  Any persons who fail to fulfil the requests of the Director-General or any Director under subsection (1), (2) or (3) without any valid reason are considered to have committed an offense.



Modifications that could be performed on motorcycles without prior approval from the JPJ are:-br />
1.  Windshield installation
2.  Fibreglass headlight fairing installation
3.  Fibreglass engine fairing installation on the front of a motorcycle
4.  Front and rear disc brake installation for the purpose of improving the brake's efficiency.

Prohibited modifications and accessory installation:-

1.  Modifications to the footrest that changes its original position/base.
2.  Changes/modifications to the exhaust that does not follow the original factory specifications.
3.  Cover set/fairing installations that modify the motorcycle's original identity.


There are modifications that can be performed without prior JPJ approval. However, these must be made according to the specified guidelines. The types of modifications are:-

1.  Spoiler, side skirt and aerofoil installation.
2.  Door visor installation.
3.  Front and rear bumpers; and kangaroo bar installation.
     (Kangaroo Bar) pada bahagian hadapan kenderaan.
4.   Installation of larger rims and tyres.
5.   Sunroof/moon roof/canvas top installation.
6.   Stepladder/boat/surfboard rack installation
7.   Manual to automatic transmission change
8.   8Canopy/canvas installation
9.   Winch, winch bar, side step, rear bar and snorkel installation
10. Roof rack/bike carrier installation
11. Spotlight installation

Prohibited modifications to vehicles include:-

1.  Body part/body kit installation that changes the vehicle's identity.
2.  Inner roll cage installation.
3.  HID lights retrofitting.
4.  Changes to the drive train.
5.  Flashing lights installation on the vehicle's front and rear (except for turn lights and warning light).
6.  Flashing lights installation on the vehicle's front and rear (except for turn lights and warning light).
7.  Flashing lights installation on the vehicle's front and rear (except for turn lights and warning light).
8.  Tinted window or tinted film installation on the windshield with a transparency that is less than 70%.
9.  Tinted window or tinted film installation on the rear window or side windows with a transparency that is less than 50%.


Private Vehicles

1. Modifications to vehicles transporting the physically-challenged
2. Changes to the fuelling system.
3. Engine change.
4. Changes to vintage/classic status
5. Changes to vehicle structure panel (after an accident)

Commercial Vehicles

1. Changes to the wheelbase.
2. Advertisement display (decontrolled only)
3. Changes to the number of seats
4. Changes to the maximum permissible carrying load
5. Canvas and side cage installation
6. Changes to the cabin
7. Floor/metal lining installation
8. Changes to vehicle use type
9. Changes to vehicle use type
10.Changes to body type

Reminder : to perform the aforementioned modifications, submit your application to the Automotive Engineering Department of your nearest state JPJ.