Prohibition of Commercial Vehicle Use during festive season.

  1. Table of Prohibited Vehicles

    Penggunaan Semula Nombor Pendaftaran Kenderaan
    Selaras dengan pindaan Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987... more
    New Compound Rate Implementation
    New compound rate for offences by 250cc motorcycles and motorcycles other than 250cc. more
    Prohibition on Goods Vehicle
    Prohibition on the use of goods vehicle during festive season. more
    Use of seat belts
    Regulations on the use of seat belts for rear passengers. more
    Vocational Drivers' Profile System (SPPV)
    Information on vocational drivers' profile. more
    Demerit point system for traffic offences. more
    Installation of Tinted Windows
    Specifications for installations of tinted front, rear and side. more
    Procedures to Recover Vehicles Confiscated by JPJ
    To determine the identity of driver/vehicle. more
    How to Pay Summons by JPJ
    Payments at state JPJ offices or through eServices. more
    Procedures to Apply for ICP Permit for Foreign Vehicles.
    Regulations concerning foreign vehicles and drivers entering Malaysia. more