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    Introducing mySIKAP Online Transactions
    mySIKAP is the transformation of JPJ's main support system, SIKAP, which has been in operation for the last 20 years, providing the core services in the Department's online operation.

    The transformation through mySIKAP is most evident when the Department's services are provided on a real-time basis, with an improved ICT infrastructure that is stable, dynamic, secured.

    mySIKAP covers four (4) core service applications and 18 supporting applications which are developed to increase the efficiency and the quality of the Department's services delivery to a world class standard for its customers.

    mySIKAP provides a centralised information repository for the Department, which allow more efficient analyses, monitoring, future planning, information sharing and management in the making of integrated and accurate decisions. In addition, mySIKAP will not only simplifies and speeds up work processes and service delivery, but also provides emphasis on productivity of personnel and quality of work, essentially to the Department in providing more efficient and exemplary services.

    The transformation of Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) is a brand new way of implementing work processes beyond the norms in producing human capital with first class mentality and first class infrastructure.


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    Introducing the Business Partner Transaction Portal
    JPJ’s Business Partner Transaction Portal allows transactions for vehicle registration o be done online. With his portal, JPJ’s business partners can access several services that are provided like Vehicle Information (VIN), vehicle information regarding vehicle type approval (VTA), PUSPAKOM vehicle inspection report, vehicle status information (Claim/Cancel) for financial institutions, owner’s information, customs payment and tax information (Royal Malaysian Customs), AP permit approval information by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and vehicle insurance information from insurance companies. More

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    Introducing Staff Portal (JPJ)
    The JPJ Staff Portal functions as a one-stop access point that provides various services for the staff. Through this portal, information can be categorised into specific groups and topics to facilitate interaction and access to information.Among the functions provided are user profile management, email, users' email contact, calendaring, online collaboration, central repository, document library, workflow management and resource management.

    Functions that provided includes user profile management, email, email address book management, calendar, online collaboration, general repositories, dokument library, workflow and resource management. More
    Academy Department (JPJ) Malaysia
    The Road Transport Department Academy serves as a catalyst to the efforts in developing human capital at the department. This is done through careful planning and implementation of quality raining programmes. The establishment of the Academy is also part of the enhancement drive that keeps the personnel at the department relevant with the constantly changing scenario. The staff of JPJ are continuously trained for and with the latest applications, to absorb new system and way of thinking, to conduct the best practices and to develop their resilience in providing the best services to the people. More

MySIKAP online transactions enable you to perform transactions involving motor vehicle and driver licensing. Some transactions are free, while others charge service.

Registration Requirements
1. Registration is open to the public with a MyKad (Malaysian), MyPR (Permanent Resident of Malaysia), Passport (Foreigners), agency (Business / Company / Society / Government) - local or foreign registration number recognized.
2. For MyKad holders, MyPR and passport, you must be at least 16 years of age and have had at least one (1) record deal with the Road Transport Department. Examples of transaction - you have a summons or notice, have valid driver's license, have a valid vehicle record'm so forth.
3. Registration of Business / Company / Organization / Government Public Sector or foreign registration number of recognized with an expiry date at least six months before the expiration date of the registration.
1. 'Public' - Are holders of MyKad, MyPR, Passport and Agencies (Business / Company / Organization / Government).
2. 'Agency (Business / Company / Organization / Government)' - Are registered entities and must not be confused with Business Partner. In the context of the Road Transport Department, "Agency" is an entity that manages its own vehicles as other civilians.

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