Application for Beacon Light Installation Application

The beacon light is a type of multi-coloured warning light which is categorised as an accessory component that is normally installed atop a vehicle.


The beacon light is installed for the purpose of reminding other road users that they should slow down their vehicles and to be cautious while in the area.

As specified by Rule 24 of the 1959 Motor Vehicle Rules (Traffic), only police, JPJ and the Fire Department vehicles; and ambulances are given priority over traffic on any road in Malaysia. However, as specified by Rule 138 (1) of the 1959 Motor Vehicle Rules (construction and use), the JPJ Director-General has the discretion to exempt any vehicle from having to adhere to any of the Rules’ specifications. Private vehicles are prohibited from installing such a device.


Applications to install beacon lights can be made by writing a formal application letter to this department. The letter must include the following details:

  1. Company background
  2. Purpose of beacon light use
  3. Type of beacon light used
  4. A copy of vehicle registration card


  1. The vehicle must have already been registered as a company vehicle
  2. An application must only be made by the company owner or secretary
  3. Private vehicles are prohibited from installing a beacon light.


  1. A light-bar type light can only be installed on the vehicle roof permanently, without endangering other road users.
  2. The smaller cylindrical-type beacon can be installed on the roof either permanently or with a magnet.
  3. 3. The use of a siren is prohibited at all times, except for government agency transports that are permitted under the law.


Vehicles which have received the permission can only use the light during formal duty. The light is not to be used haphazardly as it will interfere with the flow of traffic.