Regulations for foreign drivers and foreign-registered vehicles going into Malaysia are based on Motor Vehicles (International Circulation) Rules 1967.

Terms for the Issuance of the International Circulation Permit (ICP)

  1. A JPJK9 form must be produced and the conditions above must be fulfilled. The form can be obtained for free.

  2. If the vehicle is brought in via a port, the request to bring the car to Malaysia must be approved by the Malaysian Customs Port.

  3. The ICP is valid for 90 days and it can be extended with the approval of the JPJ Director of the state for 90 more days, not exceeding 180 days in a year.

However motor vehicles from Brunei and Singapore are exempted from this rule.


A. Conditions for Private Vehicles

  1. The vehicle must be registered in the country of origin

  2. The registration number must be written using Roman alphabets

  3. The vehicle must possess a vehicle registration validation in Bahasa Melayu or English.

  4. The vehicle must be insured by a Third Party insurance (Malaysian-registered insurance).

  5. The vehicle must pass the regulations stipulated under the 1959 Construction and Use Rules.

  6. The windshield's transparency must be at a minimum of 70% whereas the side and rear windows' must not be less than 50%.

  7. The driver must be in possession of a driver's license that is either in Bahasa Melayu or English.

  8. Motorcyclists are required to use a crash helmet,

  9. Van and car drivers are required to use the seatbelt.

B. Conditions for Commercial Vehicles

  1. Owners and drivers of commercial vehicles are exempted from applying for the ICP.

  2. All goods and public service vehicles including pick-ups must adhere to the rules stipulated by SPAD, LPKP, the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism, JPJ and the relevant agencies.

  3. The driver must be in possession of a Goods Driving License (GDL), Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and a conductor that is recognised by the Malaysian government.


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