Management Division

  1. Managing and coordinating aspects of human resource management in terms of recruitment, appointment, confirmation of appointment date / post, salary and allowances, termination of service, retirement, employment and HRMIS;
  2. Planning and managing matters relating to administration, cleanliness, office security, health and safety matters, office rental agreements, Government Offices / Events / Official Seminars involving the Department, Department vehicle management, Department records management;
  3. Carry out affairs and promotion matters involving fellow officers and non-public officials, Annual Performance Assessment Report (LNPT), coordinate the organization of the Outstanding Service Award Ceremony at the Department, manage nominations of the Federation and State Level Medals, Stars and Medals awarding and other recognition as well as manage the implementation of the Exit Policy for low-performing officers at the Department level; and
  4. Planning and implementing Department Training Policy, Strengthening Career Training, Training Programs as well as managing application of course in service, coordinating department examinations and conducting AKRAB Department activities and psychology clinics