Driving License

Question and Answer Related To Restriction Movement Order (RMO).

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Frequently asked question to Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP) bases on learning outcome.

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Frequently asked question to upgrading Lesen Memandu Bersalut Plastic (laminated) implementation to Lesen Memandu Bersekuriti Tinggi.

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Does the Road Transport Department (JPJ) set rates for driving courses at Driving Institutes?

Road Transport Department (JPJ) do not set the price to learn to drive at any Driving Institute. As a learner driver candidate, it is the sole responsibility of the candidate to make a comparison in terms of price and quality of services offered several Driving Institutes prior to making the decision to learn to drive at any Driving Institute.

Can a PDL be converted to Competent Driving License a month before its expiration?

According to established procedures, applications to convert a PDL License to Competent Driving Licence is allowed only within 7 days prior to expiration. If the license exchange transaction is made within 7 days prior to expiration, the license qualifies only for a one year duration.

Is a Probationary Driving License eligible to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP)?

Only Competent Driving License holders who are 18 years and above are eligible to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP). PDL holders are not eligible.


How can people with disabilities (PWDs) obtain a driving license. Are there any discretions allowed for these people?

The terms for disabled people are the same as regular applicationa. However, people with disabilities are allowed to bring a vehicle that has been modified for the practical test.

What is the age eligibility for Goods Vehicle Driving License (GDL)?

According to the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987, the set age requirements for the application of Goods Vehicle Driving License (GDL) is 21 years old and above.

My Learner Driving Licence (LDL) have expired for more than two years. Will I still be able to renew them to allow me to sit on the practical test?

Learn Driving Licence (LDL) may be renewed for a period of 3 or 6 months but not beyond the aggregate of 2 years from the date of issuance. If beyond this period, the candidate must repeat all elements of training and testing for the Learner Driving Licence (LDL).

My PDL license was revoked for an offense under the KEJARA system. Am I entitled to appeal for an exemption from Test Part 1 at HQ?

Exemption for Test Part 1 is only given to applicants who fail to renew their driving license within the stipulated time. This means that holders of licenses that have been revoked under KEJARA are not allowed to drive.

Expired Drivers License

How long is the license period if I do not renew?

For P License, it is a year and for a CDL it is three years.

I have a Probational Driver License and plan to drive a taxi. Can I apply for a Public Services Licence (PSV)?

According to the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987, PDL holders are not eligible to apply for the Public Service Vehicle Licence (PSV). Applicants should hold a Competent Driving License (CDL) and not less than 21 years old and have a satisfactory level of health before they are eligible to apply for a public driver's license (PSV).