The transformation of the  Road Transport Department (RTD) is a new method in fulfilling our responsibilities beyond what is expected, towards the shaping of a workforce with first class mentality, and first class infrastructure.

The Strategic Plan is prepared in line with the government's commitment to induce the process of transformation through performance-based management settings using NKRA and KPI measurements. The transformation of the Road Transport Department (RTD) is a new method of performing work beyond the norms to produce human capital with first class mentality and first class infrastructure. The RTD Transformation Concepts include systematic changes that lead to the creation of institutional excellence and building a positive image of RTD among the community.

This transformation effort requires a strong and continuing commitment from every member of RTD, by adopting the principles of First Class Work Culture. First Class Work Culture embodies discharging our responsibilities beyond the norm and in an admirable fashion. It covers aspects of thought, emotion management and manifested through the behaviours, actions and ways of working with full integrity and be able to satisfy the customers.

I hope that the citizens of RTD will work together hand in hand and commit to carry out to their tasks in order to build RTD into a world class institution that leads the field of road transport management and enforcement , as outlined in the Strategic Plan.