Are electric bikes allowed to be used on the road?

The use of electric bikes on the road is not allowed. They can only be used on private property. This is due to the difference of maximum speed of electric bicycles with other vehicles that can have various implications on the road.

Do electric bikes have to be registered with JPJ?

Electric bikes do NOT need to be registered with RTD to be used.

Do I have to get RTD approval to install NGV in private vehicles?

You do not need to apply for approval from RTD to install NGV in private vehicles. Once installed, you can go to PUSPAKOM for the inspection.

Does sunroof installation needs approval from the RTD?

Sunroof installation requires the approval of the RTD to ensure the installation is properly done.

Is an engine conversion from Daihatsu Charade Daihatsu Charade 1.0 to a Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso 1.6 allowed by JPJ?

A Daihatsu Charade Espri 1.0 engine conversion to a Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso 1.6 is allowed if no adjustment is made to the base engine mounting of the vehicles.

When installing a steel liner, is an application required?

For your information, the construction of a vehicle must be in accordance with an approved technical plan. A steel liner can be installed to replace a rotting or damaged wooden floor. However, an application must be submitted to the Automotive Engineering Division of the nearest state RTD office.

What are the conditions to change a commercial vehicle's cabin?

To change the cabin, only those of the same makes are allowed, and it must not involve any welding work.

What are the requirements to convert the engine of a vehicle?

Conversion shall be in accordance with the regulations under Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Bermotor (Pembinaan & Penggunaan)1959 L.N. 170/1959.

  • The structural conditions of the vehicles must be good especially the chassis frame.
  • No structural alterations can be done on the front cross member, steering linkage and steering box.
  • No modification can be done on the base engine mounting and no welding on additional structural engine mounting.
  • Tiada pengubahsuaian pada 'base engine mounting' dan tiada kimpalan pada struktur tambahan 'engine mounting'.
  • Vehicle emissions must not exceed 50% opacity. (For diesel engines only).
  • Pass the brake efficiency test at the inspection lane.

What should I do if my engine conversion failed the PUSPAKOM inspection due to an interference in the engine mounting?

Please bring the PUSPAKOM inspection report PUSPAKOM to the nearest State RTD for verification. If it is true there is an interference, the owner must obtain certification from a Professional Engineer registered with the RTD to confirm the safety of the vehicle on the road.

What is the maximum limit for the engine conversion of Proton vehicles?

The RTD has issued a directive to disallow the conversion Proton cars other than the Perdana model with an engine capacity of 2000 cc. This is because the structure of the body, brake and suspension systems for SAGA, ISWARA, WIRA and WAJA and others cannot cope with the high force discharged by a 2000cc engine.