Exchange of Vehicle Registration Numbers Procedures

A vehicle registration number transfer is a process of transferring a registration number from a registered vehicle (old) to a vehicle that has not been registered (new) and providing a new registration number for the vehicle.

Application Requirements:

  1. Applications can be done by the registered owner or a representative.
  2. Both the old and new car is owned by the same person.
  3. The new car has not been registered.
  4. The old car has to undergo PUSPAKOM inspection to determine the vehicle identity. For new cars, inspection is not needed except for imported cars.
  5. The old car is not blacklisted by JPJ or PDRM.
  6. The date for e-Insuran is opened for the new car after the registration number transfer is processed.
  7. Payment for all chargeable fees.

Required Documents:

    • 2 (two) copies of  eDaftar Checklist Form.
    • 2 (two) electronic printed copies of  Form JPJ K1.
    • Identification document of applicant.
    • Inspection Report PUSPAKOM (B2) for imported vehicles or vehicles for the handicapped.
    • Copy of valid Green Diesel Vehicle Approval Certificate (SIRIM) (for green diesel vehicle).
    • K1 Custom Form (for imported vehicles).
    • Original and copy of Import License (AP) (for imported vehicles).
    • Result letter/form on reserved vehicle registration number (if applicable); and
    • Payment for all chargeable fees.
    • 2 (two) copies of  FORM JPJ K1E.
    • 2 (two) copies of  FORM JPJ K1A.
    • Identification document of applicant.
    • Original Vehicle Registration Endorsement (JPJK2).
    • Inspection Report PUSPAKOM (B2) or B5.
    • Endorsement letter from Customs (for Labuan and Langkawi).
    • Original owner's identification document or representative's identification document (if representative is present).
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