Guidelines on Application for Vehicle Panel Structure Repair or Conversion (Accident Cases)


Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) requires that every vehicle panel structure repair / conversion controlled by JPJ should first apply and obtain certification from JPJ. Vehicle panel structures involved are as follows:

a. Cowl Panel

b. Chassis Frame

c. Wheelhouse-Rear

d. Wheelhouse-Front

e. Roof panel Assembly

f. Windscreen Pillar-Front

g. Windscreen Pillar-Rear

h. Centre Pillar

i. Chassis Panel



To explain to consumers regarding procedures and conditions to be followed for the application of the vehicle panel structure conversion / repair. It is also to ensure that converted / repaired vehicle panel structure complies with the following regulations:

a) Section 10 (3) (a) - Road Transport Act 1987

b) Section 10 (4) - Road Transport Act 1987

c) Section 12 (1) (d) - Road Transport Act 1987

d) Rule 94 - Rules of Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) 1959



  1. Applications can be made through JPJ Automotive Engineering Department
  2. Applications may be made on your own or by representative
  3. Application form must be completed and accompanied by the following documents:


Cases Involving Insurance Claims

Beyond Economic Repair (BER)Cases

Non-Insurance Claims Cases

i.    Application Form

ii.  Copy of Police Report

iii. Copy of approval letter from the       insurance company and Estimate Report*

 iv.  Pictures of the vehicle *

i.  Application Form

ii. Copy of Police Report

iii. Copy of approval letter from the insurance company

iv. Verification letter from workshop and Estimate Report*

v.  Pictures of the vehicle

i.   Application Form

ii.  Copy of Police Report

iii.  Declaration letter from the owner *

iv.  Verification letter from workshop *

 v.  Workshop Estimate Report

vi.  Pictures of vehicle


4. After the approval letter is issued, the vehicle shall be taken to PUSPAKOM for inspection together with the following documents:

i. Approval letter from JPJ

ii. Certified letter from the workshop


a)  Picture of vehicles must show;

i.   Registration number of the vehicle;

ii.   Front left and right corner of the vehicle;

iii. Rear left and right corner of the vehicle; and

iv. Chassis number of the vehicle

b)  Owner Certification Letter shall state the agreement on repair costs incurred by you .

c)  Workshop Certification Letter shall state the vehicle repaired by the workshop and do not use the cut-and-joined method or tampering with the chassis and engine number.

d)   Estimation Report  is the repair estimate report produced using the e-claim system.


1.    The application involves repairs /conversions for components controlled by JPJ only.

2.    T he vehicle must not be declared total lost by the insurance.

3.   For vehicles that have been declared total lost by the insurance, the owner or the insurance are required to notify the matter to the JPJ Vehicle Licensing Department for the purpose of de-registering the vehicle records.

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