Summons Payment Method

There are two (2) types of JPJ-issued fines; compoundable fines and non-compoundable fine.

  1. Compoundable fines can be paid within the time duration specified in the summons.
  2. Non-compoundable fines shall be settled at the Court specified in the summons.

Where Can You Pay Your Summons?

JPJ-issued fines can be paid at:

  1. Any state JPJ Offices, Branches and Mini Offices.
  2. Through e-Services.

Summons Payment Methods

Registered owner and claimant should proceed to the relevant JPJ Office (where the vehicle is impounded) to reclaim the vehicle along with the following documents:

  1. Payments can be made by producing a copy of the JPJ (P) 22 summons and the amount of fine stated.
  2. For summons with PG1 notice, a PG2 Report must be enclosed along with the JPJ (P) 22 summons and the amount of fine stated.
  3. Payments can be made in cash.
  4. Payments can also be made through postal order/ bank draft after the fine amount is known.
  5. Payments can also be made through e-Services.

No appeal can be made for compound reduction. Compound rates for each case are fixed within the JPJ system.

Compoundable fines without PG1 notice can be paid through the following websites:



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