Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On KEJARA System

1.     What is KEJARA System?

KEJARA System is an acronym for Demerit Points System for Traffic Offences which is a procedure for giving demerit points to motor vehicles drivers who commit scheduled offences under the Road Transport Act 1987 and Rules thereunder.

2.     What is a scheduled offence?

A list of the offences stipulated in the Road Transport Rules (Demerit Points) 2017 which lists the offences and the amount of demerit points that will be given to drivers.

3.     What is the total number of scheduled offences listed in the Road Transport Rules (Demerit Points) 2017?

23 scheduled offences.

4.     When will the system be come into force?

This system will come into force on April 15 2017.

5.     When does demerit points are given to drivers?

When drivers are guilty of an offence upon receiving summons, when paying compound or received sentence from the Court.

6.     What are the consequences of this demerit points?

Any driver found guilty will be given demerit points as follows:




Competent Driver's License (CDL)

Provisional Driving License (PDL)

The first 20 points



The next 20 points

License suspended 6 -8 months


The next 20 points

License suspended 8 - 10 months


The next 20 points

License suspended 10 - 12 months



7.     Will the driving license be revoked?

Yes, a Competent Driver's License (CDL) may be revoked by the JPJ Director General when the driver had their driving license suspended three (3) times in five (5) years, while for Provisional Driving License (PDL) may be revoked when the demerit points reach 20 points or more.

8.     Can drivers that have collected a number of demerit point appeal for demerit point reduction?


A 50 percent reduction of demerit points can only be given under the following circumstances:

i.      Any drivers that do not commit any scheduled offences in a period of twelve months from the last offence; or

ii.    JPJ has offered recovery courses to driving license holders who have collected a number of demerit points.

9.     How many times this points reduction incentives can be given to the driving license holder?

This incentive is only given once before the suspension period or before the revocation of driver's license.

10.     What are the consequences of driving license suspension/revocation?

i.      Holders are unable to drive during the suspension/revocation period.

ii.    Holders are unable to apply for any driving license classes during the suspension/revocation period.

iii.   The driver’s driving license and vehicle will be blacklisted during the suspension/revocation period.

11.     Is it an offence for any person driving while having their license suspended or revoked?

It is an offence if any of the drivers drives a motor vehicle while their driving license is suspended or revoked. This offence will be liable to a fine of no less than three thousand Ringgit and not exceeding ten thousand Ringgit or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years.

12.     While having my license suspended, I have committed a scheduled offence. Do I still be given demerit points?

YES. Demerit points will be given even when your driving license is suspended.

13.     What are the consequences of having your driver license revoked?

When a driver's license is revoked by the Director-General under the Road Transport Rules (Demerit Points) 2017, one may reapply for a new driving license (beginning with the Learner Driving License LDL) twelve (12) months from the date of driving license revocation.

14.     Does the Competent Driver’s License (CDL) suspension/revocation affect the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) or Goods Driving License (GDL)?

YES. The suspension/revocation of the Competent Driving License will result in the vocational license (GDL and PSV license) also being suspended or revoked.  

15.    How do the public check the Demerit Points?

Any inquiries regarding the demerit points system can be e-mailed to

16.    How do JPJ inform about the driver's license suspension/revocation?

JPJ will issue a driving license warning, suspension or revocation notice to driving license holders via Registered Post to the holder’s address.

17.    When will the driving license suspension or revocation begin?

Suspension or revocation of driving license will begin when the driving license holder submit their physical driving license to any JPJ offices designated by the Director-General within twenty one (21) days from the notice delivery date or 21 days after from the notice delivery date.

18.    What will happen if the driving license is not submitted?

Suspension/revocation action will still be carried out as soon as a period of twenty-one (12) days is over.

  19.    My driving license has been suspended three (3) times that is in 2017 and 2018 and later in the 2023. Will my license be revoked?

NO. Your driving license will not be revoked because the three (3) times suspension of your driving license occurred more than five years.