Open Data

Implementation of Government Open Data aims to improve the quality and transparency of public service delivery on Government information. It is also one of the global evaluation criteria in E-Government services. MOT in collaboration with the Department and Agency under it has taken action to identify the data set for the implementation of open data in every field of agency services.

Use of data or reuse of data shall comply with the terms and conditions:

Bil Title
1 Jumlah Terkumpul Kenderaan Bermotor Mengikut Jenis dan Negeri, Malaysia, 2015 (Total Motor Vehicles by Type and State, Malaysia, 2015) 
2 Bilangan Kenderaan di atas Jalan Raya Mengikut Negeri, Malaysia, 2008 - 2015 (Number of Vehicles On The Road By State, Malaysia 2008-2015


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