Vocational Driver Profile System (SPPV)

  1. The Vocational Driver Profile System was developed in the JPJ database that aims to establish an information reference centre on vocational driver profiles.
  2. Transportation companies or associations may apply for vocational drivers information before employing drivers to ensure that the driver does not have a bad record against violations of the law under the Road Transport Act 1987, Public Transport Act 2010 and Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987.
  3. Information that can be obtained through this system is :
  1. Drivers demographic information
  2. Drivers license information
  3. License suspension information
  4. Drivers blacklisting information
  5. Summons information
  • The above information is based on existing information in the JPJ database only.
  1. The drivers vocational profile copy can only be issued by the JPJ Headquarters Enforcement Division and has not yet extended to State JPJ. No fees are charged to applicants applying for the information above.

  2. Application for vocational drivers profile revisions must be submitted using the letter head of the company or association as well as attaching the drivers name and identity card number and should be sent to the following address:

Enforcement Division,
RTD Headquarters,
Level 3, No.26, Presint 4,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
Putrajaya 62100

Phone No.: 03 80008000

Fax No. : 03 88811149

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