Change of Ownership Guideline Apart From Voluntarily



a. The registered owner (seller) and the new owner (buyer) for private vehicles need to come personally for biometric fingerprints authentication;

 b. Representatives may only be appointed on behalf of the registered owner or a new owner for other than privately owned vehicles;

c. Basic documents:

i. Identity confirmation of the individual:

• The registered owner and the new owner must bring along identification documents such as myKad, MyTentera, MyPR and passport.

ii. Identity confirmation of the government / bank / finance / insurance / Association / Cooperative / Private Limited Company / Limited Company / Sole Proprietorship Business / Partnership Business / Statutory Bodies / Local Authorities / Embassy / High Commission / Consulates / International Organizations:

• A copy of the Form 49, a copy of the resolution / minute meeting regarding the approved the sale of vehicles, Form 9 or Form 13 certified by the company secretary or the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) (whichever is applicable); or

• Copy of Form D certified by SSM; or

• Any other relevant documents of identity verification (related);

• Sale Approval Letter of the motor vehicles.

iii. An official letter of appointment of attorney shall be carried jointly by representatives;

• Conditions provided in 1.a.i are also applicable to the representative.

iv. Completed JPJK3 form brought along by the new owner or the representative of  the new owner;

v. Motor vehicle registration certificate.

d. There is no restriction on Change of Ownership transactions such as claim of ownership record by finance companies, unresolved customs tax records, blacklisted records and so on;

e. Motor vehicles except for motorcycles should be taken for examination in PUSPAKOM;

f. Commercial vehicles permit for registered owner has been cancelled in advance;

g. Fee is paid as stipulated.

h. Commercial vehicles

i. Off-road vehicles must undergo a Special Inspection (B2) beforehand in Puspakom;

ii. Machinery vehicles / fire vehicles / tow truck and hearse shall undergo PG11A / PG13B preliminary examination;

iii. Permit cancellation letter / change of conditions approval letter by SPAD / LPKP / Ministry of Tourism;

iv. License approval offer letter or change of conditions approval letter;

v. Completed JPJK1 form if the motor vehicles will operate as a decontrolled; or

vi. Completed JPJK11 form if the motor vehicle will operate as an off-road;

vii. A certified copy of the exemption letter from the Treasury / MITI / customs (if applicable).


a.         Repossessed motor vehicles under the Hire Purchase Act 1967:

i.          A copy of the Notice of Nomination Claim (Table 5);

ii.         A copy of the Notice of Intent for Acquisition of Vehicles (Table 4).

b.         Repossessed motor vehicles that are not subjected under the Hire Purchase Act 1967

i.          A copy of the vehicle repossession notice according to the agreement.

c.         Motor vehicle owned by a deceased registered owner

i.          A copy of the High Court order passed by the court; or

ii.         A copy of the Grant of Probate Letter passed by the Court; or

iii.        Copy of the Administrator Letter passed by the court; or

iv.        A copy of the Distribution Order / Granting Order Letter of Administration under the Small Estates (Distribution) Act 1955 passed by the Department of Lands and Mines; or

v.         Copy of Inheritance Order passed by the Syariah Court:

• Affidavit (made by the heirs as in the Inheritance Order) regarding rejection of property must be attached;

• Affidavit shall be made before a Commissioner of Oaths that serve the government / Magistrate / Judge;

• The affidavit must be attached when the Inheritance Order does not declare the nominee / beneficiary to motor vehicles belonging to the deceased.

vi.        Copy of Jadual III by the Court of Sabah certified by the Court of Sabah; or

vii.       Copy of the Order in the form of C Form certified by the Sabah Office of Land and Survey Department.

d.         Motor vehicle forfeited to the Government Agencies

i.          Copy of Order of Forfeiture passed by the court that issued the order.

e.         Motor Vehicle for category of missing-theft vehicles / Beyond Economic Repair (BER) / Total Lost vehicles by the insurance

i.          A copy of the offer of insurance claims;

ii.         A copy of the proof of payment of compensation;

iii.        A copy of the receipt of the payment of compensation;

iv.        A copy of the Discharge and Indemnity form.


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