HID Headlamps Enforcement

HID Headlamps Enforcement

High Intensity Discharged (HID) is headlights that use Xenon gas instead of filaments. The retrofitting of HID lights is prohibited except for changes made to the whole lighting system with the accreditation from the authority such as SIRIM.

Retrofitted HID with power exceeding predetermined standard can disrupt visibility and detrimental to other road users.

On 19th November 2007, JPJ had updated its C&U to include the ruling on HID under Rule 96 (2)(i) which states that "when HID are installed, the installation, specification and wiring must adhere to the guidelines of UNECE 48, UNECE 98 and UNECE 99".

Action can be taken on vehicle owners with retrofitted HID under Rule 94 of the 1959 Motor Vehicle Rules (Construction and Use) whereby "the condition of any vehicles that are used on the road and all the parts and accessories must not cause or pose danger to those who are in vehicles or on the road at all times". The violation of this rule is punishable by a fine of up to RM2,000 or prison for up to 6 months under Section 119 (1) APJ 1987.

Inspection on vehicles with retrofitted HID lights by serving Prohibited Use of Vehicles (PG1) notice under Section 59 of the Road Transport Act 1987 for cases detected until end of November 2008.

Beginning December 2008, fines have been issued to those violating this rule.

Owners/drivers are given ten (10) days to restore the headlights to its original specifications.

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